What artists should know about YOUR copyrights!!


Copyrights protect the rights for all creator’s and their creations both big and small. Copyright laws enforce the right of artists in having ownership of their intellectual property(s). When an artist’s creation is used, played, sold, etc. they get back their works’ worth.  Copyright laws were created to ensure incentives for future artistic creation. As long as you have the rights to your creations (meaning you haven’t signed and given them away) you can do whatever you want; sell it, lease it, give it away for free, etc.


What many musicians don’t realize when they sign with a recording label is that they sign away their rights to own their recording(s). And if an artist works with a publishing company, they more times than not, also sign away copyright ownership on composition to the publishers. In most of these cases the artist then is left with nothing; which is why understanding basic copyright law(s) will give you an advantage in the creationism-“business” world.

Save yourself from having to “swim in a trench of deep doo-doo”! By knowing your rights you protect yourself and the future of your talent. And the best part is, any work you create stays with you and your family for many, many, many years (something like 70-something years after yours – and anyone else named owner’s – death).

As my professor says, “HOW AWESOME IS THAT”!?

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