Can you see the change(s)?

Change is happening all over the world thanks to the inter-webs (internet + web)

When you have a question, what do you do? You GOOGLE it! In today’s world having technical devices and connecting to the inter-webs has become a necessity. This change has had an effect on more than just the way we communicate in our social lives; it’s drastically changed our daily lives, our education systems, how industries operate, and the definition of a job.

In just a few years the inter-webs has become the most important tool of our daily lives. People use the inter-webs for work, networking, entertainment, communications, etc. – you name it. It is easily accessible, convenient (as long as you have a device that can connect and connection “wifi”), global, cheap, vast, fast, and very damn close to being limitless.

The inter-webs has opened up new doors, new possibilities for everyone. You can share your love and talents, meet your heroes, read the news, self-educate, find your significant other, video chat, edit pictures & film, create music, make friends across the oceans, find your future – the list is endless. It’s so grand that even traditional methods of life has changed because of the inter-webs and technology. Instead of going to the library and only relying on hundred pound reference books for research I can use a “smart” device. It’s light, easy, current (up to date) and as efficient (as long as you put in the effort). In fact I can purchase a digital version of that hundred pound reference book for less – in price & weight.

I think the coolest thing about this change is that you don’t have to have a conventional “real” job; you can do what you love because the inter-webs allows for independent social media marketing. All the cool stuff that you can do online, on your “smart” devices – thanks to the inter-webs – can be advertised, by YOU the artist, to your fans. Because of this virtual age, you can create unique opportunities for your passion, use social media, spread awareness and this will lead to talk and expansion.

Change & the Business world of Music

“Since 2000, the amount of revenue created from selling or streaming music in America has been cut in half, from $14.3 billion to $7 billion … [a]nd yet listeners have more access to music than ever, and there’s nothing to suggest that demand for music is down.”- Pando Daily- The New Industry Explained

In business you have the supplier and the consumer. Demand for music is still there, it will always be there – that hasn’t and will never change – but the role of the supplier and product has and will always change. How you get music, where you get music, what you want, and from whom you buy from has changed because of digital distribution.

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