“EVERY-(1) & ALL”

Today’s inter-webs allow everyone to connect with one another. This new gateway has truly exemplified the word, POSSIBILITIES. It’s easy, quick, and worldwide. With the help of any “smart” device, what you can do online is endless; but with this power comes both good and evil.

Today’s cyber age links together individual artist(s) with their individual passion(s) to independent business and direct fan service(s). But because it’s such an easy and accessible tool, competitions and obscurity has become the problem of our age. With the usage of social media anyone – literally ANYONE – can share their work; and this crowds the numbers of published goods.

 The breakthrough of the inter-webs have improved your chances of exposure, but with so many artists doing the exact same thing, you and your work can get lost in all the chaos. Therefore, the most crucial step to not forget, about today’s virtual environment that everyone in every industry should be aware of, is to CONSTANTLY publish and share your work and passion and get good at what you do. When you become an expert at what you do and you constantly share your expertise, you stand out more and solve the problem of obscurity.

The inter-webs allows you to share your talent, learn more about your passion, and build a fan base – personal audience – all around the world. The inter-webs CAN help us turn our passions into our professional job because what the inter-webs offers is truly limitless.


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