YOU can Do It!

Digital technology(s) and the inter-webs are obviously affecting the content industries, and artists who understand about the opportunities and challenges of today’s world are able to adapt and survive. With the advances in technology and the shift due to the inter-webs – everyone, everything, and every industry are encountering endless changes.

The most important pro is: anyone can make it in this day and age. The inter-webs have made it possible for anyone – in the world – to make it big and do what they want and are passionate about. You can do what you love, share your work, and be discovered by the world – after clicking the publish button. Yes, it will take time but it’s never been this easy or quick before. Becoming successful is literally a few clicks away and can take a couple of months to become a STAR (instead of having to wait decades like before). With the inter-webs, you can be an overnight hit. Stategically utilizing the inter-webs will not only open new doors, but also more doors – your possibilities become limitless (and the best part is, this can all be done from within your bedroom).

But like “yin and yang”, every good has its bad. The most important con is: obscurity due to the increase in competition. Because of the power of the inter-webs, it not only makes it easy for you to share your work, it also gives the rest of the world the Abe advantages, greatly increasing the publishing pool – allowing millions of people to compete with you for their chance to make it big. The number of published materials in the cyber world is so grand that you and your work can and will get lost.

To solve the problem of obscurity, you have to be true to yourself. You don’t necessarily have to be the best, just different. By nature we are all different, so in order to be different, just do what-EVER you want to do. But remember to use the inter-webs to your unique advantage and … just do you – the inter-webs can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

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