The New Today!

We must all pay attention to change. For centuries, the world has been changing – the key word in this sentence is “chang-ing“. We have not chang-ed  and therefore do not have a model to reference to. Because we’ve been riding a continues roller-coaster of changes we must expect that the ride will continue its changing path – twisting and turning (full speed ahead). The daily life of a artist/creator, involves constant innovation(s). You have to keep producing, posting; keep spreading your talent. You must keep improving and doing what you love, doing what is uniquely true to you. Everyone is different and that is the beauty to life – so use that to your advantage and share it with the world.

With the new “smart” devices and “bonus applications”, the internet, shading your work has never been so easy. Daily business practices are changing, you don’t have to go to L.A or New York for recording or publishing – it isn’t a necessity anymore – you can make works of art right in your bedroom. With a few mouse clicks and a final upload submission, in seconds, you are ready to share your creation with the WORLD. It has become easier to step into the Music Business world, but with this power comes its own challenges. If you can do it – with the help of a few clicks – whats to stop or challenge another person from doing it? These new opportunities will allow you to share your works with the whole world but know that the whole world is also sharing against your works. So be … different … UnIqUe … be YOU!

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